Waterproof steel pellet shells The line of Drylok shells was specifically designed to resist oxidation and corrosion, which are two inevitable facts of hunting in humid areas. Developed in the United States, this steel shotshell is completely waterproof as the result of different innovations from Winchester®. For all steel proofed shotguns (1320 bar) The steel shot is first specially treated against corrosion: the star crimp is hot welded, its wad is also waterproof from its bipartite construction, and, lastly, the primer is varnished in order to prevent any humidity from entering.

For all steel proofed shotguns (at 1320 bar)
Here is the steel-pellet shell for high performing hunts that many waterfowl hunters look for.
With its specific wad, its 34g load and 395m/s speed, this is a shell that raises the performance of steel-shot ammunition even higher and which will surprise you by its long effective range.

For all shotguns proofed at 930 BAR With its steel load of 28 g, this shell is designed for waterfowl and is classified as standard pressure, which enables you to shoot it with any shotguns proofed at 930 BAR.


WINCHESTER's FASTEST steel shotshell

The 33 g of steel shot in the new ZZ Canard shotshell flies at at 440 m/s, making it the fastest in the WINCHESTER range of steel shotshells. The high velocity is mitigated by the relatively low load weight to maintain a comfortable shooting experience. The steel pellets are coated in a fine layer of tin for effective corrosion resistance.

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